Gaurav Mandilwar is a Director in CNM’s New York office with 12 years of experience in Technology Advisory. His primary experience is in helping clients mitigate digital risks by establishing robust regulatory oversight and implementing effective control frameworks within the client’s technical infrastructure. Gaurav is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with deep experience evaluating controls throughout the AML lifecycle, such as CDD, KYC, Sanctions Screening, Transaction Monitoring, FIU analysis, and SAR reporting. Gaurav has proven successful in finding substantial control deficiencies within the transaction monitoring typologies of a Top Tier Wall Street bank and has in-depth experience in utilizing technology to support the audit of suspicious customer profiles and transactions.

Prior to joining CNM, Gaurav worked at PwC’s FS Risk and Reg practice for over 8 years, where he led strategic initiatives to mitigate risks for clients through comprehensive risk assessments and tailored risk management solutions. As a Director at PwC, he also led complex technical projects involving the analysis of multi-cloud environments, evaluating data encryption protocol and access controls, and assessing robustness of disaster recovery and incident response mechanisms. Prior to PwC, Gaurav was a product developer for 4 years at an ERP software company, where he built robust internal controls for the ERP system. In the role of an IT SOX Director, he oversaw multiple clients and navigated end-to-end SOX compliance, providing diligent oversight to diverse teams that aligned intricate IT controls with regulatory standards for each client. Gaurav has a demonstrated record of streamlining processes and comprehensive control frameworks for a range of clients, resulting in a significant reduction of compliance risks and notable improvements in operational efficiency for each. Leveraging his extensive expertise, he fostered cross-collaboration among teams, optimizing IT governance and elevating control environments for numerous clients, effectively preparing each organization for audits and ultimately contributing to their sustained growth.

Education, Certifications and Associations

  • University at Buffalo, MIS, IT Audit
  • Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist

Industry Specialty

  • Financial Services Risk & Regulatory – SOX, BSA AML, CCAR DFAST, IRR
  • Technical Expertise – ITGC Control Testing, Application Controls, Automated Controls, Data Controls